How to strategize to build the Best Portfolio projects in 9 months?

I think I´m done with learning more technologies, and following online courses… I have left some intermediate algorithm challenges of the FCC curriculum that i plan to have completed by the 1st of June. From that time, I want to focus 100% (obviously with some exception if I need to learn some JS library for a specific project, etc) to do projects to develop the best portfolio possible by the 1st of march next year. (the time I imagine I would be good enough to star applying to junior dev positions,although who knows by that time if i will be prepared or not)

I´ll be completing all projects of the FCC curriculum (the JS and FrontEnd´s) but I imagine just copy-pasting those ones into my portfolio wouldn´t be too original, so I imagine i would select some of those, and the rest would be personal projects/apps that I´d create

Since I haven´t gotten my hands dirty, (apart from bulding a Quote machine and a Calculator with jQuery) I would like to have “honest expectations” of how much can it be done in this time.

Is it viable to do the 9 projects left the FCC curriculum and also build maybe 2 bigger projects on my own? Is that too much in 9 months?

I want to complete FCC curriculum because well I think with FCC is where I always have learned so much, but of course, I know probably personal projects are more valuable and they will demand me more effort (and resiliance to frustration since you are totally on your own) but also will cost me more time.

I think this is doable.

I use FCC projects that I further customized (design wise as well as some backend wise stuff) in my portfolio. I remove the JS bundle, since once I pass, I tend to change things. I completed some of these in the last version of FCC and I need to update but it has worked well.

Honestly the smaller projects shouldn’t take too long. As for the larger ones, it will depend on what you plan to do.

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I see your point. What about the backend? The stuff scares me a LOT haha, I have done the courses of Express, Nodejs and some tutorials here and there, but nothing on my own. The only thing that i don´t like from FCC is the fact that you can do everything in CodePen and the day you really want to do something on your own you are going to be sooo lost haha.