How to Structure this Project? (Medical Simulation)

I want to start coding a medical simulation game that will help pre-hospital personel learn treatment algorithms such as these found here for the state of PA:

I found this, which is similar to what I want to create. There si a nice paper that goes along with it.

Questions for the experienced coders out there… how can I represent this node structure (figure 4) with JSON, that includes verbose descriptions of the state (ie current patient status with vital signs), each option/Intervention (give epinephrine/ start CPR) and show the change that occurs during the course of the simulation…ie how any intervention leads to the next patient state (breathing improves, heart rhythm degenerates)

here is the game:

and here is the paper (figure 4 shows a structure for information organizaiotn)

here is figure 4 with their "node structure"

it’s similar to a choose your own adventure style of game

If you are interested in helping me with this project, it will be open source in a git repository…please let me know if you are.

if you are in the medical field and would like to help create the scenarios once the structure is determined, also please let me know!

Very cool! Thanks for the links and the code start

I’m more confident in getting code to work if it seems like the data is structured well.

If only I knew angular2 Or react…

Yeah the vitals are easy to add to each scene. One thing is the idea of many correct options at one time, possibly with a preferred order but they would be like sub nodes (ie give calcium and give bicarb)

Hahah…yeah probably a translation issue

Ok, so one thing that came to me while looking at your implementation of the data is that I’d prefer having the simuluation look like it is “continuing” rather than the example applications clear indication of “right” and “wrong” answers.

I’d keep track of the interventions, the user / student would follow the sequence of vital signs until arrival at hospital or out of hospital death or whatever the outcome is. Then I would provide feedback on the actions.

this would simulate real life interactions better.

ANy thoughts about taht? I’m trying to come up with my own object model as an example