How to submit a course


Recently I did a free online C# gamedev bootcamp, created all the contents for it and I was interested to know if there was a chance to submit the course to freeCodeCamp platform.
I’ve been looking around the website for information but the only information I found (How can i submit my course and post to had a broken link so I decided to ask here.
Is the a procedure to submit content to the freeCodeCamp platform?


Welcome there :wave:

This is the current link we are sharing regarding contributing to the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel: How to contribute to freeCodeCamp’s YouTube channel

Hope this helps answer your question.

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve been looking a way to contact Beau (email, form, dm, etc…) but I’ve not seen anything.

Anyway, the course I made is free, I would post it here. The admin could consider to delete this post if it’s not the right place.

if you want to contribute, please follow the links given to you if you would like to contribute, there is also how to contact Beau. I have removed the link to the video

I’ve not been able to find any method to contact Beau. The only way that I see is by Tweeting but it’s a method that rarely works.

Anyway, thanks for reply. I would have to pass this time.


As I said there is also how to contact Beau

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