How to switch to https

So I have my app up and running on Heroku with my own domain name. My partners in the project want out domain to be https:// so what is the easiest or best way to do so?

  1. Get a cert:
  2. Upload cert to your Heroku
  3. Update the DNS settings
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I did this recently. Heroku has their own really nice articles on doing this, search through their docs or just google “heroku ssl” or something like that.

Keep in mind if you’re using a custom domain it requires you upgrade to the non-free tier for it to work.

@marcodsman The easiest way and the cheapest way is to use Cloudflare for DNS. Cloudflare has a setting the allows you to redirect HTTP to HTTPS. If you go through Heroku you will pay at least $20 US dollars a month. If you use Cloudflare it is free. Instructions are on the Cloudflare website.

@jefejeff Yes Heroku does charge a fee for HTTPS but Cloudflare does not.

Cloudflare and heroku solve slightly different problems. Like you said, it’s well known for DNS services, and also CDN. Some companies use both heroku and cloudflare together.

Heroku would be a good place to host a full stack service, rather than just a simpler website.

Cloudflare (might) be a good place to put up a static site, or one that less-frequently makes calls to other APIs to retrieve the information it needs, using their serverless model. You probably wouldn’t choose Cloudflare to host your API service however, as an example. Heroku would be good for that.

Lastly, as of right now (and as long as I’ve been using it), the first paid tier is $7 on Heroku, no $20.

@jefejeff marcodsman’s original problem is how to enable HTTPS on his Heroku application. What I meant in my other post is that he should continue to use Heroku to host but set up DNS using Cloudflare. That way he can have an HTTPS website without even paying the $7 US dollars by redirecting HTTP to HTTPS. I have an application in Heroku and while signed in I saw that they wanted me to pay $20 US dollars to enable HTTPS. I looked for other solutions and I found Cloudflare for $0. I set it up and it works great.

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