How to test project code on

I have completed a project called “Time calculator” in Scientific Computing with Python course. I have written it in VS code, tested it with freecodecamp’s tests and passed all tests.
However, when I copy my code to and run it, all tests fail and I don’t understand why.
Is there any guide about how to write code in replit correctly?

share your repl link or the tests output - Replit text*

I also probably don’t understand how to use :frowning_face:

Did you fork the given repo with the test suite?

I think so, but it didn’t work.

Please try again, you are missing the test suite in your repl

boilerplate-time-calculator-2 - Replit text*

I think I’ve forked it now. please take a look again.
Thanks for your attention

Now please remember to return your results

I have sent a link already. Here it is again: boilerplate-time-calculator - Replit

That was about your code

I have used all 12 tests from freecodecamp’s test file in my VS code and the program passed all of them. It’s just when I copy my code to replit and run it, tests fail.
And I still don’t understand why? :frowning:

The tests are saying that you are returning None

I have corrected the issue. Thanks for the replies, you’ve helped me :heart:

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