How to test websites not on server yet

how do i test my website that ive not uploaded yet?
i need to test the responsiveness of my website
using browser stack
do i need my website on some local server?

You can just open the html files with your browser. Select the file and use “open with [browser name]”. This will vary somewhat depending on your OS.

im taking about browser stack
u r saying i just open html pages in my browsers?right?
but that is very trivial
ive been doing that
im asking is there a way of testing my websites that are not on the web yet
can i do that with xampp or mampp?

Yes, do a local install of your favorite server. Apache is a good choice. This has the advantage of local testing, and getting some hands on server experience.

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You could use lite-server.

BTW I suppose this is the BrowserStack you are refering to?

I just installed LAMP and set up a sandbox on my computer. I load the files and point my browsers to localhost/sandbox. The browsers don’t know whether the HTTP server is on my box or half way around the world. They work the same.

When I’m happy with the files, I FTP them to the publicly available website.

Hope this helps.

Btw, use Firefox Developer Edition for mobile testing. It’s the only browser I’ve seen so far, that renders and displays everything as it should be in mobile device resolution (if you’re not just looking for responsiveness but for extra functionality you implemented for mobile users).

Had this issue recently at my job with a button/input field that changed especially for mobile users (more mobile friendly handling of adding and reducing amout) - will upload screenshots if someone’s interested.

ok thanks i’ll give lamp a try

ok thanks i’ll give lamp a try

about the dev tools
i use chrome dev tools to check the responsiveness of the websitse
i did a quick search and found out that the dev tools are not reliable
they said either buy mobile devices or install emulators
or go for online paid emaultaros such as browser stack
or give xampp or lamp a try

bvut tell are firefox devtools all good for mobile responsive testing?
are they reliable?
ive never used firfox devtools for mobile responsive testing

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do upload the screenshots

It’s important to note that these aren’t just the Firefox Devtools (in the standard Mozilla Firefox browser), you need to download the special Firefox Developer Edition to have these tools. I would give it a try :wink:

Above shown is the way the page looks when Chrome DevTools are used.

And this is the page you’ll see when emulating with the DevTools of Firefox Developer Edition.

When you especially look for the little menu to change the amount of products you want to buy: Chrome renders this incorrectly, Firefox Dev Edition tools display it exactly like it would when you open that page on your smartphone. Another object is the green label above - it looks weird in Chrome tools but good in FirefoxDev.

Just a little example. Resolutions are the same in both cases (I picked the same phone here). Hope this helps for your future responsive-checks.

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@AALA-HUSSA1N For me, I do all my LAMP development on my laptop using XAMPP. I find it the easiest to get working and manage. You can also look at free cloud services from Amazon, Azure, etc.

Azure lets you create 10 free websites using PHP, Node, Python and ASP.Net, which includes one 20 MB database.

Also there is Visual Studio Dev Essentials that gives you $25 (US) per month credit for Azure to practice development.

Visual Studio Dev Essentials
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ok ill give this a try

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