How to undefine a string

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I need to return the function “addTogether(2)([3])” undefined, for some reason I can’t return it undefined even though in my code strings should be undefined;

23 is not a number , it’s a string;

the results are okay, the only problem is that it is returning 23 instead of undefined:

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function addTogether(a, b) {
  var sum = a + b;

if(typeof(sum) === "string") { return undefined; }

  else if (arguments.length === 1) {
  return function(b2) { // You could call this arg `b` as well if you like,
    return a + b2;      // it would shadow (hide, supercede) the one above

return sum;
console.log(addTogether(2, 3)); 
console.log(addTogether(2, "3"));

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typeof has a weird syntax

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I don’t know what’s wrong with your code, but I tried it on jsfiddle and on your challenge link and it worked all fine

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Second function doesn’t check for type though, right? Think if you can re-use addTogether(a, b) here?

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