How to understand codes

okay maybe it is funny but actually i am new to coding but i have interest i did the course i am working in a new startup where nondy is their to guide me i have seniour who is experience but always seems busy … so they have given me a project whicha lmoust 30% done and the cour
se i did i have started everything from skrach but in this company i have to understand their code and i have to make the way for my codes but i almost do frontend but gets confused in backend i am a mern stack developer

Man, sorry for the off-topic ( sort of) but you should improve your English.
What is actually the question? Their is no question mark in the entire post…

It is recommended to improve the communication skills and then proceed further with the coding. It is because most of the learning materials is in English. Apart from this, some of the books we would like to recommend like:

  • Clean Code: By Robert Cecil Martin, 2008
  • The Self-taught Programmer: The Definitive Guide to Programming Professionally: By Cory Althoff, 2017
  • Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science.