How to update Forked and locally install repo?

I want to update /Pull changes into my local machine from the forked repo on Github . I hope I clear my question.

i think git pull is what youre looking for

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when i try the ‘git rebase command’ it show up like this. What does it means image

What ‘git rebase’ basically does is take all your changes that you made from the point where you branched off, then reapply them onto the latest version of the branch you’re rebasing onto. So basically it’s “replaying” all your commits as if you made them from the latest master in the first place. What you’re seeing is that replay in action.

Personally I don’t use rebase in my own projects, and I just merge master in instead. A rebase with conflicts is way harder to deal with than merge conflicts. You use rebase when you’re contributing to third-party projects where the maintainer doesn’t want to wind through a bunch of merge commits to see what changed when. Usually you squash all your commits into a single one too when you do that. That’s the policy of the Linux kernel anyway, and a lot of other open source projects have adopted it.

Thanks but how could i overcome on this ‘rebase’ now ?

If you’re not seeing any errors, your rebase was successful, and the output you’re seeing is just git being verbose about what it’s doing. No need to worry about it.