How to update twitter link in profile

I tried to email support to manually remove my twitter profile icon (because I inadvertently connected an account I did not intend to) but unfortunately the email address I contacted only auto-responded that it is not manned by humans.

Is there another way around this issue or further steps I could follow to possibly resolve this? Thanks!

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I believe that right now there is no way to change your Twitter profile through FCC. You can create a GitHub Issue requesting the feature.

You can, however, go to Twitter and revoke access for the FCC app.

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Thank you! I appreciate your help looking into this.

I have revoked access from the Twitter app, but my fcc account still points to the wrong Twitter account, is there any way to remove it?

This Issue and this Issue are still open. Iā€™m not sure if they include allowing Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to be updated or unlinked by the user. As I said above, you can create a new issue to request this feature. (Or you could comment on one linked above to confirm that it is already in scope.)