How to upload a React project in Copeden for evaluation?

i need the procedure to upload my work to copeden, i solved the first project “Build a Random Quote Machine” , function and there is no error in my pc , the problem is i can’t find the procedure to upload it to copeden for evaluation of FreecodeCamp, thank you for your help.

If your code passes all of the FCC tests on CodePen, simply paste the link to your pen into the Solution Link field for the project:
Random Quote Machine

If you need to create your project on CodePen from a local project, simply fork the link in the project description and paste your code directly. Then you can add dependencies and whatnot via the pen settings.

that’s what i did first, but i imported “useEffect” and the project doesn’t show anymore. There is another way to have the project evaluated. I inserted the freecodecamp CDN in my VScode and everything is in order , unfortunately on copeden I don’t understand what the problem is

We would have to see your code but you could try something like this and see if that works

const { useState, useEffect } = React;

In general, I think codepen is good for small html, css and js projects.
But when it comes to stuff like react, I would suggest choosing another online editor like Stackblitz which supports multiple files and has starter react templates you can use so you don’t have to worry about configuring anything.

You could also choose to setup a project on Github and host it through Netlify.
That way you could build all of your projects locally.

Thanks for the data, I’ll try that route too.

I followed your advice, I created a repository in GITHUB, and uploaded it to NETLIFY, but it doesn’t work … it doesn’t display the API and some components, The Random Author Citation Machine in LOCAL is working, I hope you may you have time to visit the repository and help me out , i almost finished these challenges on freecodecamp and i don’t know how to get them evaluated !!! My git : GitHub - AldoLaraB/fracescelebres: Fraces Celebres en modo casuale — and la page web in netlify : … Muchas Gracias

FWIW, I do think it’s good practice to learn to code locally and then host using Netlify or whatever. However, as the FCC Curriculum suggests, I used CodePen for all of my React certification projects and it worked absolutely fine, as they’re all pretty small-scale projects.

I now use replit or build locally and only use CodePen if I want to quickly test or work on chunks of code in isolation (e.g. modular functions which I can then import into my project).

in local the projects work fine , when i tried to write about it on copeden , it told me that there is a problem with “useEffect” and i can’t fix or find something for this problem , do you use React’s “useEffect” without problem? ???

Unfortunately I can’t directly answer this question as I wrote my projects using the older constructor methods taught on the curriculum, unaware of the changes since React 16.8. So I didn’t use the new hooks like useEffect because I didn’t know they existed. I guess the curriculum will be updated at some point to reflect the new features?

Maybe you should post the actual error messages you saw? (If someone knows the fix they will need that information)

Which version of React are you using in CodePen?

GitHub - AldoLaraB/fracescelebres: Fraces Celebres en modo casuale the code i use is here, however i will try to find the way not to use “useeffect” … thanks for your time

Your deployed project is working, it is just blocking the api you are using because it uses an insecure http versus the secure https.

I am assuming you are using this API here

Looking at their docs, it looks like the url is supposed to have an https anyway. It looks like you just forgot to include that in your project

many thanks, I did not notice this detail, I will try to fix it as soon as possible. I’ll show you thanks again.

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