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Hello is it possible to upload/export my FCC codepen projects to Github? I’ve googled and tried the steps but it did not work for me. My Github has the zip. file I pasted over but nothing is in it. Thanks

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So whats your goal of getting your project onto github? Github is first and foremost a version control hosting platform for git.

Getting your codepen to github via “uploading” it to github isn’t as straight forward as copy-paste, and even if you take the “easiest route” you don’t really get any benefits out of getting your code there beyond having it there.

To make the most out of github you really need to use git, which is the version control software you’d use to keep track of changes made to your code base over time. Git works with the site github to build software. Even though they are named similar they perform different tasks, and technically github uses git under the hood. For example, if you want to share your changes with another developer you use github as the “middle man” to keep track of changes.

One github feature you’d might want to leverage is github pages, which allows you to host your static files (like your product landing page) for free. This does require knowledge of using git and github, so just jumping directly into trying to do this without getting the underlying technologies down is a bad idea.

Finally, its worth mentioning git is one of the more common “nice to have” skills asked for or actual requirements for developer jobs. There’s no getting around the fact when your building software, you will make changes, and work with others. Both of these aspects are where git steps in and helps. Github itself is also a great place to host your projects to show off your work, and can be used by companies to help build software.
Both technologies are great to learn, and should be looked into if your serious about software development.


Thanks for the nice explanation. My goal or idea about using Github would be to provide a link to someone to view or see my projects I have done. I am not sure codepen allows an “outsider” to click on a shared link and see my project? If it does please let me know. If it doesn’t perhaps there’s an easier way to share my projects (again think of my putting a link on my resume or sending a link to someone to see what I have worked on).

Sounds like Git is kind of like using Google classroom in that you create and can share and allow access for others to edit.

I will add Git to my list of new things to learn. Certainly poking around the site and trying to move my codepen there was not easy (and failed yet learned lesson).

Hey there! Real quick I do recommend going to the GitHub lab to learn more about Github and how to use it.

The First day on GitHub course is a great collection of everything you need to get started.

Happy coding!
Best, Cy499_Studios

I think you are able to test this yourself.

At the top bar of codepen you can change the view.
Then you go to a different device, e.g. another computer, smartphone etc. and check if the link works there.

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Yes, I am always able to open my codepen from any device. It does prompt me to log in and then of course I can view my projects. Just not sure that anyone without a codepen log in can.

the link in the url bar of the browser when the project is open

@juliakajill I use CodePen to show off all my projects so as long as your CodePen isn’t private I can see click on the links and see the project.

Here’s an Example (it’s my technical documentation page for my fake guitar company):