How to upload sounds in my Project?

Sorry if the title is not very accurate, I didn´t know how to explained it, but im sure my doubt you will find it much easier:

So I am building a simple game on Javascript, and to try I want to make it “live” on the web.

The issue is, my game plays sounds when you do certain options. In my PC works fine. But I imagine that when I uploaded to the “web” (I plan to use Netlify) the sounds won´t be played because my < audio > tags have src to my computer. (example: src="…/sounds/sound1.wav")

So will I need to upload this files into some kind of cloud, and then modify code to change the src of my < audio >html tags to the links this site/cloud storage give me ??
Any insight will be appreciated.

As long as you use the correct relative paths (or root relative) it should work just fine.