How to use a picture from facebook

hello, i dont know how to use facebook pictures properly for personal portfolio challenge, everytime i copy link of a fb picture and paste it on src the image is too small

The image is too small? Can you give us an example of an image you want to include?

I just did it here:

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The size you’ll be getting on your page is going to be the size of the image on Facebook.

I would generally be cautious about linking to images hosted on Facebook. You are relying on the fact that the image will remain at that exact url, which you have no control over. It’s a better idea to download the image from Facebook and use a free image hosting service.

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You could also edit height and width in css…

You could also save the image to your computer, upload to, and use the provided links.

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Thanks I really had no idea about this and I was a little concerned about privacy issues but again I’m really new to all this and don’t know much of what I’m doing

Thank you very much
This exactly what I needed. A website to download and then have a better resolution thank you very helpful

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