How to use FCC's curriculum on our platform?

Hello! I am the founder of a business in Colorado and we are looking to create an apprenticeship program using FCC’s curriculum as the learning base. I have found FCC’s GitHub with all the source and I am just wondering where do we begin? We basically want to “white label” the FCC curriculum and effectively “clone” functionality. The idea is that an intern/apprentice would have an identical experience as if they were on FCC’s website, only branded by us. We would give full attribution to FCC and even contribute as much as possible to the FCC community. This isn’t meant to be a way of “stealing” FCC, but instead just create a unified experience and localize the API (everything coming from our servers, never touching FCC’s). This way, all certifications and curriculum progress is localized and within our control. We want our apprentices/interns to be able to build a profile/portfolio under our brand. Not just for our business, but for them as a professional, so they can take their skills elsewhere if they choose. Our business is education first. We teach you to code, then we employ you directly to give you your first developer job. This way you have the education and at least SOME kind of verifiable job experience, should you choose to apply at other companies.