How to use Hashes in Ruby


  • Ruby hashes are comparable to JavaScript objects or dictionaries in languages like Python.
  • Hashes contain items that are stored by key: value pairs.
  • Ruby hashes can be created using the following methods:
    • my_hash = {}
    • my_hash =
  • There are many methods built into Ruby to find information from and update hashes.


my_hash = {'name' => 'Batman', 'age' => 25}
# is equivalent to:
my_hash =
my_hash<a href='' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>'name'] = 'Batman'
my_hash['age'] = 25
# Both of these examples return:
{"name"=>"Batman", "age"=>25}

# here is an alternative way to create the array:
{name: 'Batman', age: 25}
# this example return:
{:name=>"Batman", :age=>25}
# learn more about [symbols here</a>