How to use Social Buttons in CodePen

Hi Everyone,

I’m doing my tribute page and I wanted to add a couple of social buttons for Facebook and Wikipedia.

I’ve added Bootstrap via the CSS settings and Font Awesome via the HTML settings under 'Stuff for '. I know these both work.

The instructions on the Social Buttons site indicate I need to add a link to bootstrap-social.css as well. I’ve added : to the 'Stuff for ’ settings but the btn formatting is not working (ie: btn-social btn-facebook does not make the button blue like I would expect) Is there somewhere else I should be putting this?


Go to CSS inside settings and add the style sheet there. I would recommend adding your font awesome link there also

I believe it’s attachments the bottom where you can add custom style sheets or quick add a style sheet :slight_smile:

Got it thanks - they only specified a file name - not the url. Found the url finally. It’s working now. :slight_smile:

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Great :slight_smile: I am glad you are up and running now! :smile: