How to use the new

So I am wondering how to use the new because when I click run, nothing happens. This is unlike before when it ran all of your code and a console.log() would log them onto the console.

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let genList = (num) => {
  let list = []
  for (let i =2; 2<=num; i++) {
  return list
let primeList = genList(50)

I have no idea why this is happening.

When I use the prompt() function I also get a undefined error despite it being a function built into the editor.


After a long enough time, I get this in the console:

repl process died unexpectedly, restarting…

You have an infinite loop: "2 <= num" will always be true.

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I fixed that, but why do I always get an empty array?

Brackets instead of parens

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Andddd i’m done coding for today.