How to use the register form?

I wanna do so I must use my log in form: file:///G:/Social%20media/Log%20in%20form.html (to log in on my website: How can I do this?

PHP? Or Node.JS maybe

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It’s HTML I think it’s HTML5, but I am not really sure.

Login in a server just using HTML? i never heard so :thinking:

You need to learn about MVC (Model View Controller), this is what powers logins for websites. As mentioned by @JScars you need to use some backend programming language such as PHP or Node JS or something else that will work.

It really depends on how many people you want to be able to log in. If you want a web-site where anyone can register and have a profile etc, then you need to start looking into databases an as someone already mentioned a Model - View - Controller that is powered by PHP/JAVA/Node in the background. If you want just want to access your website as an administrator, then it’s should be pretty easy.

Basic steps:

Make a login link to take you to the login form
Design a login form with inputs for username and password
Assuming you’re going to use PHP, create a PHP document and make sure you link it in the action attribute of your form.
As far as the actual PHP code goes it depends on your preferences, w3schools or tutorials point have examples. The main points are to get the username and check if the relating password matches the input.
Add validation and you’re done.
If you are not going to use a database, you’re going to need to hard code the credentials, but since that can be a safety risk, you might want to save it in some form of a property file. But if you want to be really secure, than you’re going to need to read up on hashing…