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I have started with lesson 1 in the HTML-CSS
Now I understand the code which should ready


What I am unsure off is where do I write code in your platform in order to run the test etc .. I can see the code that you have put in but the question is where do I type my code in to use the system to make my code appear in the : Your Test Output will go here ?

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Challenge: Say Hello to HTML Elements

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Hi @Tara1,

To validate the code, you need to write it into the editor. The freeCodeCamp page is organised as follow:

  • At the right, you have the course and the challenge
  • In the middle the editor
  • At the bottom of the editor, you have the console to debug
  • At the right, the visual result of what you code in the editor.

If you want to validate what you wrote, you have to click on “Run the Tests”. If they pass, you will have a little window appearing telling you how much you finished from the section you are (here “Basic HTML & HTML5”).

Then you can submit. Does it answer your question? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi LucLH

I was writing it below and all over the place trying to get it to accept what I was doing …

Thanks got it now and proceeding with course …

Thanks so much …

Sorry feel like this was a bit of a silly question to ask just was not sure how to use the platform to get started …

Many Thanks & Kindest Regards


It is ok @Tara1, you really no need to be sorry. The important is that you understand and that you can start you learning comfortably. Good luck to you and never hesitate to ask questions if there is something you don’t understand (nothing is silly question soon as you have wondering) :wink:

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