How ugly can a coder's handwriting get?

I was staring at my handwriting and this question popped in my head. Now I’m curious; how’s your handwriting? Is it really ugly, as I imagine it to be?

BTW, this is my handwriting

and it’s already “presentation mode”; it can’t get any prettier than that.

Not bad. I handwrite similarly. No problem.

My mother is a doctor, and while i was quite good at pinball growing up, my small motor coordination is ‘weak’ - so my handwriting has been atrocious for decades :slight_smile:

If someone else is going to read it, I try to make an effort to write a little better, but sometimess, just notes to myself i mis interpret

Hehe, no one can decypher my handwriting. I could use it to write secret documents :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yep, so secret it’s also a secret from you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I remembered writing in a flowchart the words “get random word”, but my friend read it as “get random nerd” :smile:

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I don’t write at all these days except some sketches of coding problems but even when I went to school, it was still shit.

It seems that writing abilities can also atrophy. One time I didn’t write anything for about a month, after which my hand felt like jelly and didn’t follow my command when I tried to write down some notes.

As an English teacher that has read thousands of people’s handwriting, I can assure you that your handwriting is fine :slight_smile:

Well, how about this? It’s scraps of thought when I was trying to figure out Simon.

It’s similar to mine :slight_smile:

This was my Smallest common multiple algorithm notes :slight_smile: