How value is it to have VIM as a skill on your resume?

Is VIM really useful in the field. Should I start learning that too now along with coding since I am interested in it any ways? Will it increase my chance of finding a job?

Yes its very useful. Its one of the few editors that works in your terminal, as such it can be relied upon almost daily for things such as file-editing/reading from the terminal, or writing git messages.

Not really. VIM is just one tool, specifically an editor. But like most jobs, a single tool doesn’t make the job. It may at least show you like learning things, and it itself is useful in a number of scenarios, but ultimately its just a text editor among a large field of text editors.

More practically however, using VIM properly requires a lot of tweaking to get an adequate setup in most cases. Its very low-level in relation to other options, such as VSCode, or “professional grade” IDEs, such as products from Jetbrains. This is part of VIM’s power and charm, but it also is its primary pitfall. As what you can get by tweaking in VIM you can get with a few clicks on a modern IDE.

So within a job sense, few jobs make it a requirement. The only jobs that may have it a requirement are system administration-like jobs, where you are limited

I’d say yes! Learn it if you want to! It can offer you a “cool” and different way to write code, and is a useful skill to know. However, its worth keeping things in context that learning/knowing VIM will be useful but only to a point. Picking up a professional grade editor as I mentioned above would also be a good thing to learn as well.

All of this isn’t as important as learning to code however, as the tools you use are just there as “helpers” to doing the work, being able to do the work still requires knowledge, experience and skills that are best gathered by doing.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

thank you for the insight

Having at least a basic functional knowledge of VIM is good because it can often be the default editor for new computers or a coworker’s computer. It’s not something that I would bother putting a lot of work into or including on a resume. You’ll be able to configure your own editor preferences in almost all circumstances.

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