How wide is Backend?

I know Front end deals, fortunately, with only 3 languages! But what about back end,… IM planning to move now since im aiming to be a fullstack… although that “now” means next copule of years until I feel confident with my Front end skills! But Is it really wide? I feel its intimidating…Like do i have to code all day all night to maintain my site and assess the visitors on my page? Like do I have to learn the matrix? I feel afraid to enter it… knowing that I might like it but will have no time to focus on it! Any Backend gurus Here?

This totally depends on the scope of features. If your site isn’t dynamic, you could probably get by without a line of code (!) something like firebase-hosting manages the hosting for you.

Now if you want more complicated features, security, you will need todo more work.

Now I’m not sure what you mean by “wide”, but server-side can be pretty large in scope, technologies and possibilities. Unlike the front-end which is limited to mainly Javascript, almost all major languages can be used as a backend language in one way or another.

I wouldn’t be scared of the backend, back at the start of the web javascript was used for tiny details, and most of the actual work was done in something like PHP. Nowadays Javascript can do most of the “work”, but the server-code still handles the data and security.

The most important thing to take away from all this is simple, don’t be scared of the backend, but understand its different than the front-end in many ways, and provides a lot of features if you need em

Well now depends, you can use PHP for back end Ruby even Python as far as I know and many other languages including javascript but for that you use NodeJS. You can learn a new language for the back end or since you know javascript it will be easier for you to continue with it by using NodeJS, that gives javascript some boost.
One advantage is that you don t need to learn a completely new language but if you like to learn a new language feel free to pick what you would like.
I m pretty sure that most of languages they have some modules to help you regarding security, validation etc. and build easier stuff in general.
Also this involves databases, you will learn how to add data to your database and fetch data from there, perform CRUD operations. Back end is also fun cause it turns a dull website into something dynamic.

Yeah! It feels really fin as i was reading your reply, but what do dynamic really means? Dynamic for me means moving, does this mean… ummm, ok, What?

A static page doesn t change at all. Sure you can add some fancy stuff when a user hovers over some div or link, something to happen like crazy animations. These things you can do with css and javascript are for interaction ( animations, modals and other stuff based on some user actions).

Dynamic means more than that, you can literally inject html, you give someone possibility to log in and log out or you can generate lists/divs and not only based on a number of the items from the database you loop through. One example when someone will login you can fetch his name from the database and say “Hello, John” for example based on the info you got from your user in the database.

You can also performs calculations on the back end and put them into the front end, display them in your html. For example if I buy some products and I add them to a shopping cart , I will have a number showing me how many products I have at some point. Of course I can remove some or add more and that number always changes. Also you can save a session so when a user comes back later he ll find his shopping cart there with those items he added, ready to buy them instead of having to add items again. You can also decide how long that session can last etc. These are few examples.