How will mailboxes be hacked?

Maybe someone knows how to hack mailboxes? This is done purposefully and for what purposes? How can such actions be resisted?

Can you be more specific about what you mean by “mailboxes”?

I found an article on this:

What to do if your email gets hacked (and how to prevent it) - CNET

Right, this is a forum for learning programming, focussing on web dev. This is not really a programming question but more a question about what behaviors will keep your email safe.

That being said, what does “several of my mailboxes have been hacked” mean. Do you mean different email accounts? How do you know they are “hacked”?

But in general, change your passwords to a password you’ve never used before, guard those passwords, set up TFA, be careful on what networks you log into your email, etc. There are probably ways to tell when and where people are logging into your account.

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TFA or Two Factor Authentication, is probably the single most powerful method, as it enforces something you have, rather than just what you know. I highly recommend getting some authenticator app, (like this one )

The way it works is it essentially ties in with your login with a short lived secret key that is auto generated on your device. So when you login, you get prompted a password and for this secret key.

So an attack would need to know who you are (email/username), what you know (your password) and have your device to get the keys during login. Its that last one that really makes it harder to get hacked.

This all assumes when you mean “hacked” you mean someone logging in and messing up your emails or something. If you mean something else, then this may or may not help you.

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The other thing I would add is to be very careful with emails - don’t open any links unless they are from a trusted source.

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