How Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) and the Internet of Things (IoT) network (sensor) are different from each other?

On what parameters WSN differs from IoT network sensor?

About WSN: Wi-fi sensor community is the foundation of IoT packages. Wsn is the network of motes, fashioned to look at, to take a look at or to monitor bodily parameters of desired utility.

As an example – Motes deployed in agriculture land, screen temp-humidity or maybe soil moisture, who gathers statistics and with ideal statistics analysis produce consequences approximately crop yields – high-quality or amount.

About IoT: IoT is the community of bodily objects managed and monitored over the internet. Now just as wsn, in iot application, you’ll stumble upon the monitoring of physical parameters. But preferred results are little different. Iot is extra about m2m, it’s far greater about bringing smartness into daily gadgets.

For example – device hooked in your thermostat monitors surrounding temperature and adjust it to maximum favored placing for.

I am talking just a single simple example of battery powered wireless sensor which detecting the room temperature using Long Range Wireless Temperature Sensors connected in different rooms which transmits the the data to one access point where you can read the sensor data only on one device but to connect with different devices you may use wifi enable gateways to work locally.

Also doing the same thing to access wireless sensor data from anywhere using the internet is known as Internet of things examples which can be accessed through dashboards. Hope this will help you out