How would I create this page?

Hello all,

I’m currently developing a website for my friends organisation and I’m curious as to how I would create a page like this. I’m good at developing clean simple pages but as you can see, this layout has different books, which also act as links that redirect you to a different page when clicked on.

Should each book be a separate image wrapped in a link tag? Would I create two containers for stacked books / standing books? I’m just a little stuck on how to begin approaching it.

Any advice would be greatly helpful thank you.

@manoj2 The best option is to use the development tools in the browser to see how the page was created. There is a plugin called wappalizer that shows the technologies used in the page. I am thinking that SVGs are involved. I think it would be hard to make that page responsive.

The image is a mockup provided by my friend. Not an actual webpage unfortunately. I would have definitely used the dev tools :laughing: But yeah, i’ll be creating a separate mobile site for it.

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