How would I structure a workout coach?

I have a project I have wanted to do for a long time. I do personal training and while I love to plan workouts I hate that it takes time for each different athlete.

I base my next session on how they felt in the current session then I make modifications…more or less resistance, more or less reps, a progression of exercises or a regression, etc

I want to figure out how to program an engine that takes the feedback and then plans a new session.

I’ve tried this before with very basic recommendation type apps, but they are too simplistic for a real functional and sophisticated app.

If I could have my clients input feedback on an app and then have it create a new session and populate their training plan I can check it and optimize rather than building it from scratch.

I fee like I would need a big data structure like a node (for one session)-> feedback-> creation of 1-3 new training sessions to deliver over the week and feedback on those, and each would creat 2-3 more sessions…

In my mind it would get unwieldy, but I can’t figure out how I do this in reality, I don’t have exponentially growing workouts in my brain for each athlete,

How do I store and manipulate and retrieve all of these datapoints?

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