How would you guy's respond to this email, i don't wanna mess it up i really need this job? Please Help i've been unemployed for the past 6 months

Thank you for your interest in the Key Holder position for our New york Location.

Kindly answer the following questions for me:

1. What attracted you to Coach USA and our brand PSA specifically?

2. What is your desired hourly salary?

3. When is your earliest potential start date? Can you provide me with an overview of your week availability.

4. What is your availability over the next week for an interview?

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Only you know the answers to these questions.

Only you know the answer to those questions. Just answer them honestly and clearly.

the answers are yours to give, here a few things to consider when answering:

check anything you can find on them, website, articles, social media’s… there is anything that talk to you?

consider how many hours per week you could work
check average pay for the position in your region
evaluate your needs (monthly, and yearly expenses, saving for the future etc)
consider the benefits they offer other than money (if any), as that will be something you do not have to pay on your own
combine the things to get you to a possible starting rate

how near is it to you? would you need to relocate? do you have anything to put in order before a full time job?

do you have any weekly appointments? health related, or do you volunteer somewhere, do you take care of someone like a friend or family member in needs of care (elderly, disabled, recovering, a child…), or do you study…
are you a night owl or early bird? maybe you do not need to do the usual 9-5 shift if you are more operative at 9pm (this I don’t even know if it is possible…)

Can you provide me with an overview of your week availability.

@ilenia I don’t think the question is related to what the user’s work schedule preference is. It is a question about when in the next week, the user is available for an interview.

And always show how you can provide value to the company and their customers.

E.g. NEVER say something like “I need $50/h, because my rent is expensive and this and that.”
Instead say something like “To fully focus on the individual needs of the company and the customers,…”