How would you return the maximum and minimum of an array in a function?

Hello, everyone. I’m trying to figure out how to return Math.min() and Math.max() inside a function. Currently, the question is asking me to return both so that the minimum and maximum of an array display at the same time (i.e [ 2, 3 , 5] //=> [2, 5]). however I think I may be messing up because it’s only returning the minimum. Thanks!

function minMax(arr) {
	var min = Math.min(...arr);
	var max = Math.max(...arr);
			return min, max;
                // only gives me [3], need [3, 5]

}minMax([3, 4, 5])

You can only return one item from a function. If you have two things to return, you have to put them in an array or an object, or something like that.


You need to return inside of an array or an object if you want to return multiple things.

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Return inside of an array, Thanks everyone!

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