How would you solve a mirror reflection maze?

How would you solve a mirror reflection maze?
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I’m working on this assignment where we have to solve this mirror puzzle using recursion. (link is here mirror maze. Basically there is a 10 x 10 grid where a lazer has to travel all possible squares. Some squares have special mirrors on them that does something to the lazer (reflects 90 degrees in a certain direction, blocks the lazer so it must go right or left, or reflect 90 degrees in all 4 directions). Every line is straight, there is no diagonals and there is only one solution for each puzzle. Any idea how to solve this? I’m thinking of using a graph, but we weren’t taught it yet, although we are allowed to use it. Thanks

Link is here:

puzzle link


Definitely sounds like a graph problem.


Do you have any idea how to implement the graph? I’ve never used graphs before and the conditions makes it very complicated. I also posted the link if you want to see the problem for yourself.


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