How write a syntax to set a default display none for a fieldset?

I DO NOT want to use an style.css file. I just want to write inline with the html element right in the html file.

I have this line of code that I want to hide the fieldset, but it isn’t working, likely because of syntax eror.

<fieldset id = fieldsetpump2 style = display: "none">

^^ I want this to be the default value, then I want it to show only when the user selects the related input box.

The input boxes are working good on showing and hiding the fieldsets as I click through the input boxes, but the default as the page loads is automatically showing fieldsets that I want to automatically hide by default unless the appropriate check box is clicked.

Codepen: line 63

This isn’t the correct syntax for an inline style.

Yes… I am trying to find out which one would be the correct syntax.

Here is the freeCodeCamp lesson that covers inline styles.

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Thanks a billion!!

The “” where in the wrong place.

Good job tracking down the bug. Happy coding!