How you do your project FCC?

I want to know how you do your project FCC, i know have to do the Markdow project, but while I was doing the Quote Generator project I looked at the example, I saw that they used an API, otherwise I created an array of citations, I wondered you take a cue from the work shown in the example or create your code? I saw some projects here that were almost copies of the example and it seemed strange, also because technically at this point of the course you still do not know what an API is and how it is used

Doesn’t this come before the quote machine in the curriculum?

yes but watch better, it’s not explain how call an api, how work with the data that api get to you, no there it’s only say, this method it’s used when you use an API, it’s different and in the example you don’t use an API, but the work i see they used external API, it’s not wrong, i don’t say that, if you know how used you can do with that, but it’s i prefer a method more similar with that section, example i don’t like Boostrap, but for the markdown i decide to use it, it’s in the section so it’s good to use it for the project, i only say, stay on the section so you see what your really learn and what you need to study better