Hows everyone getting on

Hello just wondered how everyone’s getting on studying.
Im going through CSS at the moment, its going quite well but trying to remember everything is quite a challenge.
Any study tips people want to share or experiences.

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Same here! Just keep practising as much as possible.

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Don’t worry about remembering–just build stuff. And it’s okay to look up things you don’t remember.

Im slowly building a portfolio page, its not much to look at as such yet.
But when things work it really gives you the motivation to push on :smile:


Hi i want to ask you something where do i find my account id ??

Im not sure what you mean, but top right hand corner is where you’re account details and stuff are.
Hope that helps?

I dont know too ,i got this email telling me to send my id can you help me ?

maybe they mean you`re ID which is Sohib19mohammed ??

No i sent them that , they dont want it ,i am so confused right now , i looked at all of my setting and i didn’t find anything ,

You did the right thing on asking where you’ll find your account id. Don’t apologize for that.

Well i felt stupid for taking so much time not finding it , can you help me??

That’s fine. Just don’t apologize next time.

I’m not sure too what he/she means by FCC ID/

me neither , and they didnt answer me so far…

I mean the ID should be a bunch of letters and numbers or something like that right?

I believe if you put in your URL bar and hit Enter, then you will get to a page where your account id will be shown almost top of the page. It says “Account Settings for” and I think the number-letter combination that follows is the ID you are asking for.
Please share if this answers your question. :slight_smile:

You can also select “Show me my public portfolio” on that same page and it will give you your details.

These are the two options

I see no id anywhere am i missing something??