How's my Local Weather App?

Finished up my local weather app!

Tell me what you guys think!

Local Weather

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I don’t see the weather :frowning:

I like it! Simple, clean and I love the icons. Works perfectly for me. Good work!


Hmmm, perhaps you have an extension that blocks the API from grabbing your IP address. Do you have adblock or ublock on by any chance?

Sweet! Thanks for the feedback @Joshuaswift :+1:

Disabled my adblock but not quite working for me either…

I disabled it, but it still isn’t working :confused:

@mokada42991 @kevcomedia It might be from a different extension blocking it or maybe you guys are using a different browser. I’m using chrome and it works there. This is going to be tricky if this isn’t the problem…

I’m on firefox. If @mokada42991 is on firefox too, then that’s probably the problem.

Looks great! Try putting overflow-x:hidden on your css to remove the horizontal scrollbar, if you want that. Take a loot at my weather app too and tell me what you think of it!


hey, it’s working perfectly for me, and very clean, great job

my only possible feedback is that it might be just a bit more usable if, instead of toggling the Celsius/Fahrenheit, it just displayed both from the get-go, like this…

…especially since there currently isn’t a label indicating that people can click to change it from one to the other. also, you may want to display windspeed in miles-per-hour as well as in kilometers

regardless, it looks and works great, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

edit: one other thought, if you leave the Celsius/Fahrenheit as a toggle like it is now, I would highly recommend putting cursor: pointer on :hover to indicate that it is clickable

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Working great now! I’m on chrome btw!

:slight_smile: I am with @Joshuaswift. What he said.

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thanks @perchslayer!

@mokada42991 okay that’s settling, but thanks for the feedback!

All great ideas! I really like the look of displaying both fahrenheit and celsius, I’ll probably take you up on that. Also, i should display in mph for my imperial friends lol.

But thanks @gracenut! You really got an eye for those details aha

@gsuxlzt, thats a great idea i’ll try adding that now!