How's my new project?

See any improvement compared to my other projects, (Just click “my projects” from navbar"?

Also, Any tips for me? :slight_smile:

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Note that I don’t mean to be harsh, but there are a lot of things you need to change.

  1. You shouldn’t have a button that says “click here”. Add something. Maybe who you are or how you started coding.
  2. Your project images are dead.
  3. You need to improve your spacing a LOT.
  4. color the background.
  5. Please review the HTML and CSS sections on FCC
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1.Got it
2.What do you mean?
3. Idk how
4. I don’t know what color should i choose, any tip on that?
5. I’m gonna do that.

For the background image, they do not load on the web page.
It seems that you forgot to put your URL in quotation marks, like this: background-image: url(

It feels that the project section is a little bland, there is no spacing, the image are not all the same height, etc… I would add some colours and maybe some kind of frame around each image.

But keep on the good work!

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  1. What I mean is that your project images don’t show. Well at least for me.
    please try to fix that.

3.add some margin and padding.

  1. Anything you think matches-- like neon blue, black, geometric, so on…

  2. Okay.

  3. The text in the first section is really hard to read. the first layer of it should be like gray or something.