Hpow is the exam going to be

please, i have been slated for an exam by thursday of this week, im really preparing hard on the home study given, but i do wish to get a clue on the formating of the exam and what i should expect

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This definitely wins the prize for vaguest FCC post of the year so far.

Can you be a little more specific?

You are asking an impossible question…:

We would need to know the subject, the school, the teacher…

I don’t know, try asking someone that did the exam before you

okay. i mean, i just joined FCC; i saw the ad of facebook and i got really interested so i signed up. From the instructions sent to my mail, i am supposed to study some topics mainly Basic HTML and HTML5, Basic CSS and Basic Javascript. i am currently on the Basic Javascript, and each topic just fuels my interest. however, i have been scheduled to write an online exam on the said 3 topics on the 31/01 being thursday of this week. so i am really very curious as regards what to expect from the examiner or exams.
Any kind of comment will be really helpful and appreciated. thanks

the school is the Decagon software institute…

I’m am sorry to say that this is a global community, as such it is pretty unlikely you will find someone that know the specific of a local exam

But ithe curriculum of FreeCodeCamp for the first two certificates cover those arguments

oh okay. i now understand.
appreciate the response