Html and Css organization

I’m doing an extra project rebuilding a design taken from (thanks @miku86 for the suggestion).
I have almost finished (without using libraries for this one) but I realised that my way to organize it is bad (probably my conding style too).
is there some guide where I can learn how to improve my organization?

Use the forum search and enter “organize css”. You will get many topics where this question has already been asked/answered.

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let’s see if I found the right solution, should I use something like Sass or Less right?

Those are pre-processors. They can help make the code you write more concise, but you ultimately have to create the overall organization to get the most benefit.

What you’re looking for is to follow a Style Guide, the very way you write and organize your code. Here are some useful links on the subject.

Pre-processors will help you organize your files, not write better code. I’d only recommend using them when you are comfortable with CSS.

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ok I’ll try my best, thank you both

A lot of companies and people like the BEM method:

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