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plz help me on building tribute page

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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hi, have you finished all the lessons? if not then i suggest you to do that first

i did the certification last month, i kinda lost at first on deciding what to do first. you can always start simple, write the title in HTML and align them in CSS, and then do the image part and so on and so forth. remember that you have to start, good luck!

Hey Aben,

nice to meet you!

So you are trying to build a tribute page, great work!

How can we help you?

i’m not understanding the tribute project could you make it more clear for me please.

I didn’t understand the procedures.could you make it more clear fore me pls.

Hi there,

at the bottom of the page, there is the sentence You can build your project by forking this CodePen pen.

Click on the link this CodePen pen. A new page will open up.

Then click Fork at the bottom right site:

A new page will open up, where you can start coding.

Now you can start adding User Story #1: My tribute page should have an element with a corresponding id="main", which contains all other elements. into the HTML section of the codepen.

what is the purpose of fork

Fork creates your own copy, so you can change code in it and save it.

and what do I have to do with that .

You have to add your code, like I mentioned in this post:

It works thank you so much but I don’t know how to submit.

if you have forked the pen, the project has a unique url that you can copy from the browser url bar and submit

but before submitting check if all tests are passing!

to improve you can also open thread on #project-feedback and ask for peer review of your project

how can I make my image center with the orginal size.

how can I make my image center with the original size.

Hey there,

you can learn this in the FCC Curriculum:

how can i make feedback