HTML and CSS survey form

Just completed my Survey form , check it out here any reviews or critisism is welcome .Help me improve on my code by writing a review .Mercy

use media queries so that it still looks nice with different screen sizes.

theres a lot of empty space between forms and labels and in other places. If you could find ways to make it so that I dont have to scroll too much to get to the end that would be great.

im personally a fan of clean/no-bullshit design. anything you do ie. colors, font, styling, borders, etc should only be there if it helps me to read the content better. everything else is useless

title and style tags should be inside the head

any unused tags should be removed

only headers should be in a header tag. nothing else. especially not p tags

only text does inside labels, no input tags

all input should be a child of a form tag

not to be harsh but your code could be a lot more readable. im not mad at the effort though GJ

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