html and security when logging into an embedded site

Hello, I do not know HTML but am trying to add functionality to a SolarWinds platform. One thing I’d like to do is straight up embed our ticketing site within a page on SolarWinds. The polling engines don’t have access to the internet for security purposes, however, which is why I went with HTML for things like creating maps or having weather.

My question is, in general, what security things I need to watch out for since that is very important.

However, more specifically, if I embed a separate website that is known and safe within my company (which requires a login) will this be cause for any security concerns?

I don’t think we can answer much without knowing the specifics.

Where is the site with the login hosted, is it internal or external?

Are you talking about embedding an iframe? There are security-related attributes for an iframe.

One thing you might want to make sure of is that the login site has some brute force protection (however that has to be done for the specific site).

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