Html begineer trouble

Just signed in right now and I am a new user.

When I typed the following in my note pad, nothing happened just showed a box but not the websitte

This also happened that I typed this and I saw an empty box. The Enter your Username was not printed

Also, my good for nothing html file kept uploading the first youtbe video even when I copied different youtube tags to my video tag?

I am following the tutorials to the ‘t’ and I am having troubles, lots of it.
Hope I get some answers here.

Would you share your code? That way we can better assist you.

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Maybe you should post your code and the tutorial you are following…

HTML full course-Build a website tutorial by {Cant post links just yet] (1:54:03) This is problem number one and I have more issues

You need to share your code, otherwise there is no way to help you