HTML --But NO webpage/website!Totally Confusing!


I am a novice here in all of this(coding and all), and I very much appreciate this opportunity to learn HTML and hopefully one day master it. However, I am a bit confused about the fact that --to me-- it doesn’t seem to be leading toward actually building a website, which is what I really want to learn to do. I honestly wish that there was a lesson/module that gives one the option to learn to create one’s own website/webpage.

I am trying to put the picture together in my head as to how all the HTML that I have learned so far contribute to actually creating a webpage, but the image is not coming together in my head. I know that one needs HTML to code the page, but that doesn’t make it (the webpage) live, now does it!!

Would someone who is move knowledgeable about this topic please help me remove my confusion and apprehension at the moment?

Thank you very much.

the course itself teaches how to make websites and web pages. Each lesson slowly builds up to being a webpage in itself. There are also plenty of videos on youtube from freecodecamp and also from other people about how to build a website. Many of the videos are ‘follow alongs’. Maybe find a follow along on youtube you can do and then come back here after you have an idea about what it all leads up to.

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