HTML checkbox button values

So, I was coding on and I was typing down some checkbox buttons.
I need to know what value checkbox buttons give off when checked.
for example an input with the text ‘INPUT’ inside it has a value of ‘INPUT’, but does a checked checkbox button have a value of ‘checked’.

For input of type checkbox the default value returned from the value property is “on”, unless you specify a value attribute on the element and give it a value (value="some-string"). It is used when submitting the form usually together with the name attribute (name=value).

What you are probably looking for is the checked property, it gives you back a Boolean of true or false.

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So, do I just give it a value and when I check it it will be ‘on’??

Is your goal to test if a checkbox is checked? If so you want the checked property (Element.checked)

<input id="checkBox" type="checkbox">

const checkBox = document.querySelector('#checkBox');

The value returned by the value property (Element.value) is “on”. Unless you give the element a value attribute and set it to something.