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Need help with the code on the right. does anyone see anything wrong with
that code? The run command in my lesson will not let me advance to my next lesson. HELP!!!

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<h1>Hello World</h1>


<p>Kitty ipsum</p>

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Challenge: Uncomment HTML

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Hi there @lomax44!
Have you carefully read the assignment?

There is written that you need to change in order to pass the challenge

Hi lomax44,

I just completed that test yesterday. i see two errors in the code posted. see attached screen print with black marks added.

The instructions in section 1 show you what a pair of comment tags looks like see top left of screen. Evverything between comment tags is invisible in section 3

When they say uncomment the tags they mean remove the comment tags from your code in section 2 . You have not removed the comment tags. When the tags are removed the text will appear in section 3

The bottom left of section 1 under the buttons gives you hints about what actions you should take.

Do not edit or remove any other code or text. Hint the <P> tags in your post look almost empty compared to those in the screen print.

if you can’t remember what you have altered then you need to hit the “reset all code” button in section 1. and start this exercise again.

@lomax44 The challenge is asking you to uncomment the code. Meaning it is wanting the h1, h2 and p element contents to be seen by the user/reader. Your screenshot is showing that it is still commented.

thank you, nikki and martin. now i get it thanks