HTML copy & paste

Why am I unable to copy & paste text between tags from instructions to the code section? Especially when it’s long text and I’m on my phone…

Welcome, ittech.

I have replied to your question on someone else’s post, but here is an elaboration.

After discussing this with staff and moderators, it was decided from the start that the option to paste into the editor would not be made available. This is for one main reason:

  1. The point of someone using fCC is to learn. When you copy-pasta an answer from somewhere, you achieve nothing. Even the act of typing in a solution you are copying, at least has the benefit of helping you memorise the solution.

I agree, it is a bit of a pain to type in everything, when you just need to get a URL from the instructions etc. It has been decided to take this small inconvenience to help reduce the likelihood someone will go through copy-pasting every solution.