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Hello. I want the date to be on the same line (next to) with the other word, “Neversea”. But it always goes underneath it, whatever I would try. What should I do ?

Thank you for your time.

Please share your code

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<p> <strong>Neversea</strong> <p class="styled_dates"> 11/07/2022 </p> </p>

I’m sorry. Thank you.

Edit… don’t really know if it’s okay to ask questions outiside the curriculum. If not, I will delete this.

it is fine, but you have to provide context and give a bit more information that for curriculum questions

        <title> chatter|app </title>

            .styled_dates {
                font-size: 11px;
    <h1> chatter|app </h1>
    <h2> Favorites </h2>
    <p> <strong>Neversea</strong> <p class="styled_dates"> 11/07/2022 </p> 
    <p> <strong>Deutschland</strong> <p class="styled_dates"> 23/05/2019 </p>
    <p> <strong>Erasmus</strong> <p class="styled_dates"> 23/06/1999 </p>
    <p> <strong>Work</strong> <p class="styled_dates"> 04/07/2003 </p>

    <h2> Regular </h2>> 

Thanks for answering.

What I want to do: see the dates next to “Neversea, Deutschland, Erasmus, Work”, not underneath them.

Neversea 11 07/2022



How can I do that?

Thank you for your patience guys.

don’t nest a p element inside a p element.
You can have them near each other if the date is instead inside a span element for example

Or you could have two p elements near each other (not inside each other) and bring them on the same line with css

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