HTML/CSS Building a Magazine Step 77

dont think i’ve done this right as it keeps saying
You should have a new @media rule for only screen and (max-width: 720px)
can anyone have a look for me and direct me in the right direction please?

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@media only screen (max-width: 720px)

.image-wrapper {
  grid-template-columns: 1fr;

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Challenge: Step 77

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Two things:

  • Look at the hint you are getting very closely. It is telling you what your media query selector should look like. You are missing a word.
  • Your media query needs to use curly braces just like any other CSS ruleset does.

is it meant to look like this @media (only screen and)(max-width: 720px)?

Why did you add parens? I don’t think the hint is telling you to add them.

haven’t added them was just enquiring if that was how it was mean to be. sorry pretty new to this.

For anyone wondering about the solution. I don’t want to share solution but this one was a pretty hard one! I wouldn’t be able to solve it without Rsharvey91 's help! Your media code should look like this:


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