HTML-CSS coding guidance for website!

Hi Guys. I am designing a members website for my cousin. I have done some front end design but I need some guidane on coding. Can anyone help me? Niall

Hi there. What specific questions do you have? We’d need to be able to see your code to answer any questions you have.

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I designed it in Wix but the website has to have a login system and I don’t want to use Wix for that.

So you are talking about authentication?

You can take a look at Firebase, they have some drop-in solutions. But it requires some JS knowledge to actually utilize it for anything more than what to sample code shows.

I have never used Wix but if you search for “Wix firebase authentication” you do get some hits.

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Wix should let you export all the files needed for your site to work.

You can then upload those files to GitHub.

Then create a Netlify account and link your GitHub account.

Netlify makes it very easy to essentially click on one of your GitHub projects and host it.

Then you can use Netlify Auth for your login. You can follow along with their guide and it should get you going.

All of this is free for most people’s needs.

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That seems a bit of a cumbersome workflow to go through every time the site needs updates. I’d imagine one of the reasons why people pick Wix is for ease of use.

Also, to this point. Is the authentication just gatekeeping or are you going to use it for something more?

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Yes I have to admit that updating the website can be fairly time consuming especially updating the charts. What would you advise me to do regarding having a gatekeeper login system?

Hi Jeremy,

I want my html horizontal menu bar look exactly like the wix header. See attached screenshot:

HTML header:

Can you help me?

Here’s screenshot of wix header:

The comment I made was about the Netlify solution posted.

My point was just that authentication can be used for other things. For example user profiles and other things specific to the logged-in user. If the authentication is just used for gatekeeping it makes it (the actual usage) a lot simpler.

I don’t know a lot of drop-in solutions, but Firebase is one of them. As I said, I never used Wix but what is the issue with their own solution for this?

There is no way anyone can help you with this without seeing the code and getting some more information.

Why is the code not the same? Where is the other header located? Does it use the same HTML and CSS?

The page was designed on Wix, but they won’t allow users to customize a login system afaik. Also they don’t allow you to see the source code in their editor.

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