HTML/CSS Course - Build a Beautiful Blog

HTML/CSS Course - Build a Beautiful Blog
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If you've ever been curious to learn HTML and CSS but found yourself frustrated along the way, this course is for you. Watch it here or experience the interactive version on Scrimba:

About the course:

I’m Zaydek, and I’ve built a few websites. In the process, however, I’ve found myself overwhelmed with the syntax and baggage of HTML and CSS. In this course, I provide a brief introduction to HTML and CSS (hopefully!) without the pain I had to first endure.

I’ll teach you learn how to start from scratch and architect something that would then be meaningful for you and others.

:star:️ Course Contents :star:
:keyboard:️ 1. Introduction - 0:00
:keyboard:️ 2. A Brief Introduction to HTML and CSS - 1:08
:keyboard:️ 3. What is a CSS Reset and Debugger - 4:49
:keyboard:️ 4. Getting Started with CSS Grid - 7:37
:keyboard:️ 5. Iterating our CSS Grid - 12:40
:keyboard:️ 6. Getting Started with Images - 16:17
:keyboard:️ 7. Text Elements, part 1 - 20:23
:keyboard:️ 8. Text Elements, part 2 - 24:17
:keyboard:️ 9. Text Elements, part 3 - 29:21
:keyboard:️ 10. Images (continued) and Social Media Buttons - 32:10
:keyboard:️ 11. Last Articles with Gradients - 39:08

If you have questions, comments, or feedback, reach out to me on Twitter: