HTML/CSS/Javascript notes

Does anyone have the instructions from the challenges for HTML, CSS, and javascript in a document form? I’m doing my assignments and am having to go back and forth, and just thought I’d see if someone has them in word/document form that I could use. Thanks!

What do you mean having to go back and forth?

Nevermind. I meant that I’m working on the Tribute page and I’m going back and forth to the challenges to see how to code. It’s not the biggest deal. I was just hoping someone had the instructions for challenges in a word document. So I can just have them on the side of my computer while I do the coding assignment.

can’t do you copy it by yourself into an external doc (word, txt,…)? :blush:

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Oh. I understand now. What has always helped me as well is using W3 Schools for reference and documentation.

The instructions for the lessons are all generated from Markdown files, which you can find on our GitHub repository: freeCodeCamp/curriculum/challenges/english at main · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp · GitHub

You can also print to PDF. If you search for it there are some free options.

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